Mantras are energy in words.
A complex science of sounds, words, and syllables that requires an activation through initiation.

Once the practitioner receives an initiation to a mantra and works with it, he or she can connect with a specific force of the universe and awaken it within their being.

Mantra can both create and effect energy. With the help of mantras, we affect our entire being of all the levels – physical, energetical, emotional, mental and causal-karmic.

There are two kinds of Mantras – long mantras and short mantras, which are also called Bija (seed) Mantras.

– Bija Mantras are made of a single syllable and are the seed; the key that opens a specific energy of the universe.

– Long Mantras are a combination of Bija mantras or words and they are a more complex way to work and awaken specific energies.
The Long Mantras can also be sentences that have a meaning and then they can be also used on the path of devotion,
where we take those mantras that are actual words and have an emotional meaning for us, and we use them while singing or in silent repetition like a prayer.

Mantras can be used audibly, under voice or in silent internal repetition.


A Yantra is a sacred geometrical shape that represents a specific frequency of energy in form.

Yantras are a complex practice that can invoke the energy, deity or Shakti into the symbolic geometrical form and by this, the practitioner can work directly with that energy.
Tantra practice is choosing a specific energy to work with and then using its mantra and yantra together.
This is where the famous sentence Yantra + Mantra = Tantra comes from.

In Tantra Marga we use the practice of Yantras in two forms, both come from Shivoham Tantra and the path of Guruji Rajkumar Baswar:
Living Yantras and Rice Yantras.
Both are Yantras that we activate. Meaning, that the Yantra comes to life, it awakens and becomes full of “Shakti” – full of the energy that the yantra is related to.
A living yantra is normally made with earth, seeds, plants, copper pots and coconuts and empowered by mantras.
Rice Yantras are made with colored rice, copper pots, coconuts and are empowered by Mantras as well.
These Yantras also affects the energy of the place and the environment where they are built and where the sadhana (practice) is done.