Kriyas are specified purification techniques that are made to clean our energy system through body postures, mantras, sounds, and breathing techniques.


Sanskar & Nadi Shodhan

Traditional Tantra hold within itself some gems that when practiced right and with the guidance of a Guru, they can accelerate the process of purification and awakening.

Sanskar and Nadi Shodhan are part of this traditional science of Tantra.
In these processes, we use different mixtures of herbs and ingredients from nature, combined with specific mantras given by the guru for the process we want to do.
The use of these natural herbal mixtures can be done by either drawing a yantra on our body with the Nadi Shodhan paste or covering different parts of the body, that are energetically blocked and need to be purified, with the Sanskar or Nadi Shodhan mixtures. These herbs help us to purify our chakras and energy channels.