The Guru is very important on the tantric path since he is the one who holds the view and knowledge of the practices one should go through, and can lead the practitioner on the right path with the practices that one needs to do specifically for one’s spiritual evolution and purification.
The Guru is the one who gives the initiation for the mantras and the transfer of energy.
In Tantra Marga, we work under the guidance of Guruji Rajkumar Baswar Maharaj and the entire process mentioned above is also guided by him.
Guruji has empowered Kamala Aryavarat to give initiations, teach, lead these processes and guide others on the path of Tantra and she follows his instructions carefully.

Mantra & Yantra

Mantra Mantras are energy in words. A complex science of sounds, words, and syllables that requires an activation through initiation. Once the practitioner receives an initiation to a mantra and works with it, he or she can connect with a specific force of the universe and awaken it within their being. Mantra can both create…


Yagna is a sacred traditional fire ceremony, related to the Tantric and Vedic traditions. Yagna rituals are a powerful and revered ancient practice. They purify our consciousness and karma. In this sadhana (practice) we make a fire in a consecrated place and structure, activate the yagna place with mantras and invocation related to the tantric…

Kriyas & Treatments

Kriyas Kriyas are specified purification techniques that are made to clean our energy system through body postures, mantras, sounds, and breathing techniques. TreatmentSanskar & Nadi Shodhan Traditional Tantra hold within itself some gems that when practiced right and with the guidance of a Guru, they can accelerate the process of purification and awakening. Sanskar and…