Traditional Tantra is a path of purification and preparation of our energy system and mind for the awakening of Kundalini and for realizing our true essence.

In the tantric path, we look at all our existence as one non-dual reality, while at the same time this non-dual reality is divided into Shiva and Shakti.

Shiva is considered to be the pure consciousness, pure being, manifested and perfect, which is the conscious background of this world.
Shakti is all that is manifested in the world, she is pure energy and The Creation itself and all the phenomena inside this manifestation.

When we evolve on the path of Tantra we learn to meet Shiva and Shakti very intimately, we learn to dive into deep meditations of pure witness consciousness and stillness and also to cultivate Energy and direct it, thus we can effect this manifestation and our life with our will and the tools of Tantra.
In Traditional Tantra, we use different tools for purifying the energy system, the mind, and our karma.

In Tantra we chose an energy that we want to cultivate and work with, being a shiva or Shakti form, we combine few tools that evoke this energy in our structure, purify what is needed and amplify this energy in our being.

The most common tools of traditional Tantra, that we also use in Tantra Marga are:

Mantra (energy in word), Yantra (energy in form),

Yagna (purification fire ceremony),

Yoga & Kriya (for purifying the energy system),

Bhakti (the path of devotion) and the use of Ayurveda and rare herbs that are affecting the energy system and are purifying different aspects and levels of our being.

It is of great importance to learn this practices from a competent teacher to keep the processes pure and effective and it is of great blessing to get the guidance of an authentic Master and Guru on the Tantric Path.

In Tantra Marga, we are under the guidance and following the path of Shivoham Tantra and Guruji Raj Kumar Baswar Maharaj, the Guru of Kamala Aryavrat (Naama Hanegbi), the founder of Tantra Marga.