Rituals are sacred devotional ceremonies that are done to honor
and invoke for a specific energy or power.
The rituals are often colorful, joyful, and full of devotion and love.

We often involve different aspects into the ritual, such as specific offerings that are related to the energy we invoke, music, singing, sacred symbols and prayer.

In Tantra Marga we love rituals both traditional and spontaneous,
we practice both rituals dedicated to an energy or couple rituals related to intimacy.
We incorporate rituals, Puja-s and ceremonies from different traditions. Dedicated to Nature, Shiva, Shakti and different celestial events.
Our rituals take inspiration from Traditional Indian and Tantric Puja-s and the path of Bhakti, the teachings of Antoanneta Gotea (one of Kamala’s teachers and an expert of rituals and bhakti) and Shamanism.

Just to name few:
Yoni Puja – a ritual dedicated to Shakti,
Earth Yoni Puja – dedicated to mother earth – both from the path of Bhakti.
Shivalingam puja – dedicated to the divine supreme consciousness – Shiva.
Sacred union – a couple ritual that helps us to raise in love with ourselves and our partners, see the divinity in each other, to create union, love, humbleness, wander and sacredness.