Tantric sexuality became very famous in the western world in the past few years. Many people are looking for the Tantric sexual experience. Some are seeking to connect spirituality and sexuality, some are interested to improve their sexual life and experience, and others are after the promised spiritual experience that we can have through sexual union.

In Tantra Marga, we prefer to call it
“conscious sexuality” or “sacred intimacy” rather than Tantric sexuality.

We value the human heart desire for better sexual interaction that is an essential basis for a harmonious relationship and love life.
This is also why, in Tantra Marga, we bring together different approaches, teachings, techniques, and tools.

When we teach about conscious sexuality, we emphasize a lot of conscious and loving relationships; how to create and to maintain a healthy harmonious relationship, alongside with how to have an amazing sexual experience with our partner.

Conscious sexuality as we teach it relays on four points that we see as the temple pillars:

1) Love – love is the essential basic ingredient for any harmonious, delicious, beautiful and exciting relationship of lovemaking.

2) Awareness – We must be fully present with our partner,
in order to dive really deep into the heart, into love, pleasure and the present moment,
that allows the couple to have a much healthier relationship.

3) The best version – in order for us to experience our beloved in their best, we recommend that we see them in their best version.
Meaning, really focusing on what is good in them and see their highest potential – form and beauty. We must do the same with ourselves as well!

4) Tools and skills – we also need more knowledge and skills to become the best version of ourselves, to become a beautiful lover and
to bring more joy, pleasure, and love to the encounter with our partner.

In Tantra Marga, our conscious sexuality courses, workshops, and teachings include the following subjects:
– Tools: we learn practical and heart opening tools from the tantra yoga tradition alongside with tools from the therapeutic world, meditations and different pieces of training that improve our intimacy.
– Communication: We deepen into compassionate communication, which we find vital for a good relationship and good sexuality. We also learn how to free ourselves by stop using violent and emotional blackmailing communication of who is right and who is wrong, and to create a language between us that leads to a deeper connection, understanding, and love.
– skills: we teach tools for prolonging the lovemaking process and moving from a 10 minutes unsatisfied sexual encounter to a prolonged, pleasurable and loving experience that inspires and brings up fresh air into the relationship and sexual experience, and makes the couple feel that they want to share more time together and make love more often.
– Rituals: we share meditations and rituals for couples to experience deeper love, intimacy and to transcend the two into one.

* Our workshops are always done with cloths and very respectful touch. (No explicit sexuality or nudity). We give tools that you can take with you and practice at home, on your own time.

* These teachings are NOT related to Guruji Raj Kumar Baswar’s work; they are inspired from other traditions.