Tantra is an ancient spiritual path of purification and awakening that incorporate all aspects of life in and as the path itself as an opportunity for self-remembrance of our true essence, awakening, and union.

The meaning of the word Tantra is “web” or “a tool for expanding consciousness”. The expansion of consciousness itself brings one to let go of the illusion of the separate self and awaken into union with the divine.
For the Tantric practitioner, each moment in life, every situation, every bodily action, thought, and speech becomes an opportunity for this union.
Union with ourselves, with other and with our Divine nature.It is a path that enables us to live the present moment with fullness and joy. It also gives very practical and effective tools to purify the mind, our energy system, and karma, so we can experience joy and awakening.

In nowadays, in the west, Tantra is directly linked to sexuality and is perceived as a special and exotic way to have sex. This perception is very limited, since Tantra in much wider than sexuality.

In Tantra everything in life becomes a tool for awakening, thus sexuality is not exempt. Yet, it is just one small aspect of the vast ocean of Tantric wisdom. We can say that looking at Tantra as a sexual path is like holding an elephant’s trunk and say “that’s an elephant”.
Well, it is not the entire elephant, but only its trunk.

Working with sexuality on the path of Tantra is related to the left hand Tantric path or New-Tantra.
While the right hand Tantra is a path of science, devotion, and purification of the energy system through different tools.

In Tantra Marga, we invite you to explore the vastness of this sacred spiritual path of Indian Tantra, on all its aspects.
We teach both right hand Tantra and New-Tantra.

Traditional tantra

Traditional Tantra is a path of purification and preparation of our energy system and mind for the awakening of Kundalini and for realizing our true essence. In the tantric path, we look at all our existence as one non-dual reality, while at the same time this non-dual reality is divided into Shiva and Shakti. Shiva…

Traditional Tantric Practices

Guru The Guru is very important on the tantric path since he is the one who holds the view and knowledge of the practices one should go through, and can lead the practitioner on the right path with the practices that one needs to do specifically for one’s spiritual evolution and purification. The Guru is…

Tantra Yoga

Yoga means union; the union of the self with the universe. Tantra Yoga is a science of purification of our energy system through Asanas (yogic postures), concentration, and surrender.In Tantra Yoga, we work on purifying our energy channels, Chakras, and the bodies. The Tantric Yoga practice affects the physical body, energy system, our emotions, mental…


Rituals are sacred devotional ceremonies that are done to honor and invoke for a specific energy or power. The rituals are often colorful, joyful, and full of devotion and love. We often involve different aspects into the ritual, such as specific offerings that are related to the energy we invoke, music, singing, sacred symbols and…

Conscious Sexuality

Tantric sexuality became very famous in the western world in the past few years. Many people are looking for the Tantric sexual experience. Some are seeking to connect spirituality and sexuality, some are interested to improve their sexual life and experience, and others are after the promised spiritual experience that we can have through sexual…