Yoga means union; the union of the self with the universe.
Tantra Yoga is a science of purification of our energy system through Asana-s (yogic postures), concentration, and surrender.
In Tantra Yoga, we work on purifying our energy channels, Chakras, and the bodies.

The Tantric Yoga practice affects the physical body, energy system, our emotions, mental body and the karmic- causal levels of our being.
It is an authentic form of Yoga preserves the spiritual depth of the ancient teachings. In this practice, we open our body with Asana-s and Pranayama (breathing techniques), while we focus on the chakras and flow of energy to allow the process of purification, awakening, activating the chakras and open the energy channels.

Along with the purification qualities, this Tantra Yoga also works on healing physically and emotionally, enhancing the power of the mind through concentration, cleansing and detoxing techniques for vitality and longevity.

In Tantra Marga, we are mostly inspired by the path of Tantra Yoga coming from the schools – Agama Yoga and Hridaya Yoga.