14-28 days intensive course in India

This program has been designed as a clear and approachable initiation to the world of Traditional Tantra. The knowledge within is based on Tantra, Mantra, Yantra as taught by Guruji Rajkumar. Tantra Yoga and the art of sacred Tantric Rituals as well as the path of the Heart.

Over the years Kamala Aryavrat has studied and practiced with her many teachers. When asked by others where they could study what she has, it became evident that there was no single place or course that could offer the totality of Tantra as she knows it.

This Tantra Marga Intensive Course was created to allow for the traditional tantric knowledge shared to her by her teachers, to be more available to those who feel called to walk this transformational path.

Now people have the wonderful opportunity to learn all they need to know to become a Tantric practitioner in India during this two weeks or a one-month intensive course.

Tantra Marga Intensive Level 1 include: Tantra Yoga, Purification ,Traditional Tantra Practice (Sadhana)

In order for us to enjoy the fruit of our practice, each process needs to start with purification, so we may remove any obstacles in the way.
During Level 1, we will dive into the study and practice of Tantra yoga and purification practices that will prepare our energy system and channels.
We will immerse ourselves in the practice of the powerful tantric practices of Guruji Rajkumar Baswar.
Yagna (fire ceremonies), Mantra, working with Yantras (sacred geometry), Nadi Shodhan and Sanskar (which are special purification techniques) etc….

Subjects to be covered:
– Teachings
– What is Tantra and what is the lineage of this program?
– What is Shiva & Shakti and how do we use this knowledge in our tantric practice?
– The history & science of Tantra.
– Explanation about left hand and right hand Tantra.
– Yoga studies: we will learn hatha tantra yoga, about the chakras, the five elements, the polarity of this world, the five bodies of human beings, the energy system, our most important central energy channel susumna nadi, the four energy pumps and more….
– Yogic Kriyas – purification methods to prepare the body and energy system.
– Yoga and Tantra Philosophy
– What is Karma?
– Yama-s and Niyama-s (philosophy and ethics of yoga)
– pranayama and the use of prana in Tantra. Yogic breathing.
– Kashmir Shaivism – basic introduction to the high form of Tantra.
– The practice (sadhana) of Bhairavananda Lineage – Guruji Rajkumar
– The ways of the tantric practitioner
– The science of Yantras (sacred geometry)
– The science of Yagnas (fire ceremonies)
– The Science of Mantras

Practices (Sadhana)
– Building living and rice yantra – Yantra is a sacred geometry form that represents a specific energy. We will build a yantra each week and understand the work with the yantras.
– Mantra initiation – including how to use a Mala
– Meditation practice from the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra – an old tantric text
– Yagna – practice of fire ceremonies
– Tantra Yoga
– Pranayama
– Kriyas – Tantric purification
– Nadi Shodhan & Sanskar – we will use herbs and pastes coming from the entient wisdom of Tantra, on our body for purifications.