“i know the world of Tantra teachings and the course of kamala was something completely different. No shortcuts, real, touching the core of our being, very professional and moves you to make the change you want in your life.”

Ofer Friedman – Israel

“Kamala not only talk the talk but also walk the walk. She hold a wonderful gentle space while the magic of tantra allows you to go deeper on so many levels. No matter where you feel you are in your spiritual practice you will receive the benefit of tantra.”

Nick Schiavoni – USA

“Thanks to the background of Kamala, the Tantric knowledge becomes accessible to westerners with different levels of spiritual knowledge, while at the same time -her devotion to the teachings and her guru keep the teachings pure and uncompromising”

Elad Moskovitz – israel

“Kamala’s determination, devotion and inner strength has allowed space and respect to my personal process, she is an example for me for a meaningful and important teacher.”

Adi Vega – Israel

“Kamala is teaching Tantra in a pure way and heart, her way gave me many tools for my life, which makes them better.”

Andrea Heymann – Israel