Shortly after finishing his studies at Hadassah College in Jerusalem, Noam decided to go on an internal, heart opening and self-discovering journey. At first, he had joined Prema – Naama Hanegbi’s Premium school of love. Naturally, he started a Yoga-Tantra course and it wasn’t long before he became a close and full of inspiration student of Naama’s.
Noam had fallen deeply in love with the Path of Tantra yoga and decided to fly to Mexico. There, he had joined the Hridaya School of Tantra Yoga with Sajihananda, who is the inspiration for the teachings at Tantra Marga.
Noam was teaching at the Hridaya School of Tantra Yoga as well as sitting in a few retreats of silent meditation. He brings passion for teachings and a strong will to share it all with others.

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