Tantra Marga is our international school dedicated to the teachings and practices of Traditional Indian Tantra.
Our school is an immersion into authentic tantric practice, unveiling the secrets of Traditional Tantra with the Science of Tantric Yoga, Rituals, Mantra Sadhana, and Sacred Intimacy.

Tantra is known as a magical path and a shortcut for one’s spiritual development. We see, teach and experience it in this way.
This program has been designed as a clear and approachable initiation to the world of Traditional Tantra. The knowledge within is based on Tantra, Mantra, Yantra as taught by Guruji Rajkumar, Tantra Yoga and the art of sacred Tantric Rituals as well as the practice of Sacred Sexuality based on intimacy.

Over the years we have studied and practiced with our many teachers. When asked by others where they could study what we have, it became evident there was no single place or course that could offer the totality of Tantra as we know it.
This school was created to allow for the Traditional Tantric knowledge brought to us by our teachers to be more available to those who feel called to walk this transformational path.