Guruji is a Tantric Master and Kamala’s main Guru.
He is one of the most fascinating teachers she has ever met,who has shown her that the universe is the tantric practitioner’s playground.

Guruji has been guided by 67 Gurus from various mystical traditions over the past 4 decades.
His main practices follow the principles of Shaivism and the study Tantra using Mantra, Yantra, Yagna, Kriya and the Sanskar herbal purification process.

Guruji Rajkumar is under the direct guidance of Maha Guru Sri Bhairavananda.


Indian Tantra

Antoaneta, a co-founder of Hridaya yoga.
she is an inspiring teacher of Tantra and Advaita.
She teaches Tantric Rituals, Yoga, Meditation, Women Work and leads a spiritual community
in both Mexico and France.

Antoaneta was a very influential figure in Kamala’s life, she is a gift to all those who meet her,
full of light, joy, laughter, and wisdom.

Antoaneta has over 25 years of experience in Tantra Yoga and was leading a Tantric Women group for 10 years.


Maha is the co-founder of Agama Yoga in Thailand,
where she teaches, guides and treats her patients with Yoga Therapy for many years.

She is a certified doctor who uniquely combines the knowledge she acquired in western medicine,
where she specialized in medical rehabilitation and physiotherapy, together with homeopath theory and practices,
natural healing methods and up to 20 years of practicing and teaching Yoga.
As a devoted experienced practitioner in the way of meditation and self-realization path.

Maha holds within herself the old wisdom and knowledge, along with many years of experience
in guiding meditations and practitioners. She shares them all with the people around her.


Non Duality

Founder of Haridaya yoga – a Advaita Tantra Yoga School which is based on methods that direct us to discover the spiritual heart – Atman, live with an open heart and remember our true nature – consciousness, all through pleasure and cheerful life and practice.
Kamala first met Sahajananda in 2007 and started a series of long retreats with him. Soon enough she fell in love with his unique way and teachings and became a close student and started organizing retreats for him in Thailand, and Israel.
Sahajananda helped and guided her to see more clearly, become softer, connect to the heart and the heart of the world, and deepening in her meditation and perception of life itself.


Namkhai Norbu is today’s one of the main masters of Dzogchen tradition.
Dzogchen discovers the true essence. The meaning of the word Dzogchen in Tibetan is “the great perfection” which means the primal state of every human being and not some unreached reality.
Rinpoche emphasizes the importance of combining awareness in our different activities and creativity throughout the process of the teachings and practices.
For Kamala, Namkhai Norbu Rinpuche was a teacher who helped her to spirituality connect to being human and bringing the spiritual knowledge into her daily life.



Lama Dvora has been teaching Dharma and other classical scriptures from the Buddhist and Yogic traditions of India and Tibet in the US and in Israel for many years, and was part of the academic staff at Diamond Mountain, a Buddhist University in Arizona. She translated and continues to translate numerous classical texts of the Tibetan Buddhism and of the Yogic tradition, and dedicates her efforts and resources to promote Dharma and Peace in the Middle East area.
Lama Dvore is one of the main inspiration for Kamala in her ethics and style of teaching, as well as of some of the most essential and profound teachings that Kamala now share about Karma and the human ethics.