The name Kamala was given to her by Guruji Rajkumar Baswar.
The meaning of this name is “Lotus” and it refers to the Goddess Kamalatmika – the one who integrates the spiritual state and life with earthly state and daily life. This Goddess is also called the auspicious one and is related to abundance and celebration of life as well.

Kamala Aryavrat is the founder of Tantra Marga School she has dedicated her life to the studies and practice of Traditional Indian Tantra as well as to her spiritual journey. Her passion is to make the Tantric teachings and practices more accessible to the western world and to keep the lineage and the teachings alive.
Kamla is also the founder of “Prema – School Of Love” and the founder of the video series “Tantra Online”.

“I’ve been on the Tantric path since 2002, starting my journey with Agama Yoga and continued practicing and teaching there for 5 years. After that, I immersed myself in the study and practice of Theravada and Tibetan Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism and the study of Advaita Vedanta with Sahajananda and Tantric rituals with Antoaneta Gotea. Finally, I found my home with the very precise and powerful practice of Traditional Tantra under the guidance of my beloved Guru, Guruji Rajkumar.

I have been teaching since 2005 and founded 2 schools in Israel where I teach courses, workshops, and private sessions. It was in 2012 that my teacher, Antoaneta asked that I start teaching in Israel and gave me a mission to lead a traditional Yoni Puja Ritual. On the day of the ritual, I had a dream about 2 of my spiritual masters and I was initiated in that dream to teach Tantra. From that moment on, my passion was and still is, to spread Traditional Tantra throughout the world.”

she started her spiritual journey in 2002 and is still seeing herself as a disciple and student of her teachers and masters.
Kamala started teaching Tantra Yoga in 2005 and never stopped ever since, now dedicating her life to spreading the ways of traditional tantra in the world.