Welcome to Tantra Marga

This is the home of The Path of Traditional Tantra
Our passion is to share the wisdom and practices of traditional indian tantra.
We combine the teachings of few lineages and making them accessible and easy to understand for the western audience so we can use these amazing tools in our daily life.

Tantra Marga School

Tantra Marga is our international school dedicated to the teachings and practices of Traditional Indian Tantra. Our school is an immersion into authentic tantric practice, unveiling the secrets of Traditional Tantra with the Science of Tantric Yoga, Rituals, Mantra Sadhana, and Sacred Intimacy. Tantra is known as a magical path and a shortcut for one’s…

Kamala Aryavrat

The name Kamala was given to her by Guruji Rajkumar Baswar. The meaning of this name is “Lotus” and it refers to the Goddess Kamalatmika – the one who integrates the spiritual state and life with earthly state and daily life. This Goddess is also called the auspicious one and is related to abundance and…


The Teachers